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The observer pattern in JS


The observer pattern is a mechanism that lets you notify multiple subscribers when something happens.

// observable.js

const observers = [];

export default Object.freeze({
  notify: (data) => observers.forEach((observer) => observer(data)),
  subscribe: (func) => observers.push(func),
  unsubscribe: (func) => {
    [...observers].forEach((observer, index) => {
      if (observer === func) {
        observers.splice(index, 1);

And this is how something can subscribe to it:

import Observable from "./observable";

function logger(data) {
  console.log(`${} ${data}`);


Finally, this is how the subscriber gets notified:

import Observable from "./observable";

document.getElementById("my-button").addEventListener("click", () => {
  Observable.notify("Clicked!"); // Notifies all subscribed observers

You could use this pattern for something like o triggering calls to all of your analytics backends. Check out this example on StackBlitz.