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These badly written articles should probably be kept in a private Notion Obsidian page, but here we are, in my man-drawer. I've made it public because either 1) I had trouble Googling some of this stuff - maybe it'll help some other poor soul. 2) It's just a useful place for me to reference it.

TypeScript decorators
What are @decorators and why would you want to use them?
React Native Notes – 005
Platform colors and light, dark, day, not day modes
React Native Notes – 004
Motion Sensors: iOS vs Android
React Native Notes – 003
Layout patterns for buttons in the iOS navigation bar
React Native Notes – 002
Figuring out over-the-air updates
React Native Notes – 001
Native apps are more like physical products
TypeScript and MongoDB
How to achieve proper static typing with TypeScript and MongoDB
Awesome courses
A selection of free coding courses
Fonts in Next JS 13
How to import multiple Google fonts, and reference them from within your css
The observer pattern in JS
A way to notify multiple subscribers of events.
JavaScript objects
structuredClone, Object.freeze, and other stuff.
React bits
Some React tidbits that I don't use everyday, but useful to remember.
lodash codemod
Problem: you can't shake your tree | Solution: switch to named imports, using a codemod.